Digital Stars

we source, scout and qualify startups for Accelerators, Corporates and Venture Capitalists

As a full service one stop partner we manage the full startup sourcing process for you


Identify Lead sources

We find the most promising sources to get startups in your field of interest. This could be Internet, Social Media, conferences, competitions, kickstarter, accelerator and incubator

Startup classification

By machine learning we categorize startups per technology, industry sector, stage, investment volume, and geography


Startup qualification

We qualify the fit of a startup to your own quality criteria and assess the technology,, Co-Founders and Market a score based on your criteria helps you to find the best startups easily


Campaign management

Once we have qualified hot leads we manage the whole process of getting in touch with Co-Founders and learn more about the details.

If you’re an accelerator we even manage the application process for you!



We push applications even further and to help you to built the brand we provide content and social media marketing on top

Who is behind DigitalStars

Dawid Strecker

Piotr Kowenzowski
(Artificial Intelligence Engineer)

Emanuel Geromin
(Artificial Intelligence Engineer)

(Startup Specialist)

Daria Brylova
(Startup Specialist)

How our customers use DigitalStars


For Accelerators

  • Build up a high quantity and high quality lead funnel
  • Categorize the leads regarding relevance
  • Manage the application process
  • Get the most promising startups to apply


For VC's

  • Swim in a deal flow adapted to your needs
  • Analysis of sentiment of peers
  • Predict emerging trends
  • Bring quality in your portfolio, lead partners and deal details


For companies

  • Identify emerging technologies before your competitors
  • Find startups for investments or strategic partnerships
  • Build a stronger network


For Startups

  • Create visibility for your startup for VC´s, Business Angels.
  • Accelerators and Corporates
  • Identify possible investors or partners
  • Create credibility for your business



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tel: +48 530 006 294

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